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First We Were IV - Alexandra Sirowy

First We Were IV - Alexandra Sirowy
English | 2017 | 448 Pages | ISBN: 1481478427 | EPUB | 3.53 MB
A group of friends start a secret society in this out-of-control thriller from the author of The Telling and The Creeping that examines the all-consuming love of lifelong friendship-and what someone is capable of when they're afraid of losing it.
Izzie loves nothing more than her three best friends, Viv, Graham, and Harry, and the bond the four of them share. And she's terrified of their friendship falling apart next year when they go off to college. To bind them together, she decides to create something that will belong only to them, a special thing that they'll always share between the four of them

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Alexandra Cavoulacos, Kathryn Minshew - The New Rules of Work: The Modern Playbook for Navigating Your Career (Unabridged)
English | Size: 265.07 MB
Category: Mindset / Achievement

People in previous generations tended to pick one professional path and stick to it. Switching companies every few years wasn’t the norm, and changing careers was even rarer.

Today’s career trajectories aren’t so scripted and linear. Technology has given rise to new positions that never before existed, which means we are choosing from a much broader set of career options—and have even more opportunities to find work that lights us up. However, we don’t discover and apply for jobs the same way anymore, and employers don’t find applicants the way they used to. Isn’t it about time we had a playbook for navigating it all?
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Alexandra Stan - Boy Oh Boy - Single [iTunes Plus AAC M4A]

1. Boy Oh Boy
Release Name:Alexandra Stan - Boy Oh Boy - Single Tunes Plus AAC M4A
Size:6.77 MB
Genres:Dance , Music
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Production Master Alexandra Vocal Sessions WAV
Production Master Alexandra Vocal Sessions WAV
DISCOVER | June/12th/2017 | 998MB

The sensual voice of Alexandra will leave no hearts unmoved. With some of the songs she featured on catching millions of listens, it was time for Alexandra to create her own vocal pack. Production Master called upon her to create a unique vocal pack, laden with content for various styles ranging from pop to any dance music style.
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Alexandra Stan - Ecoute (feat. Havana) - Single [iTunes Plus AAC M4A]

1. Ecoute (feat. Havana)
Release Name:Alexandra Stan - Ecoute (feat. Havana) - Single Tunes Plus AAC M4A
Size:6.44 MB
Genres:Dance, Music
Label:? 2016 Yeni Dunya Muzik

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